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Finding yourself in a position of having an overflow of assets will require you to look for more space to store them. These materials that could be either from your home or business might have you thinking of looking for a bigger home or office. This will increase your running costs and will not be viable. This is especially when the inventory is on a constant flow in the business. Choosing the option of self storage gives you the benefit of space rented to you affordable  You pay for the space you have rented on a monthly basis which allows you to plan accordingly on short term or long term basis.

Self storage Mississauga facility offers you the advantage of enhanced security. Unlike a home or office setup, the security caters solely to your belongings thereby offering maximum protection to them. The benefit of having insurance for your items in storage is also of added advantage. The insurance covers offered for storage facilities are usually more affordable than home or office based covers.

Deciding to keep your valuable items in self storage might be solely because you are not using them at that particular time. This allows you to keep them in safety. Items like boats, sports or vintage vehicles or construction tools will have a much longer life when kept away when not in use. Self storage Mississauga offers you this extra space that you can use to keep bulky items.

Our storage facility:

There are various types of storage facilities on offer based on what you need to store. They are:

Outside storage.
Indoor storage.
Drive-up storage.
Mobile storage.

Outside storage allows you to store items that are bulky like tractors and heavy duty machinery. It consists of partitioned plots usually separated by mesh and overhead protection. Indoor storage gives you more enhanced security. Climate controlled units are an option and they can help preserve your items better. Drive-up storage gives you the advantage of much more space. This size varies from 10 ft wide by 10 ft deep to 10 ft wide by 15 ft deep. Mobile storage allows you the benefit of having the mini-containers called pods delivered to your home and taken to the storage facility after you fill it up. You can also keep these pods in your compound if you will be utilizing them for only a short duration of time.

Our public units and sizes

Our public units cater to just the right space needs you have. From the smallest unit of 5′ by 5 ft to the largest unit of 10′ by 30′, you will have the flexibility to choose what best suits you. The varying sizes are as follow:

5′ by 5′.    5′ by 7.5′.    5′ by 10′.    7.5′ by 10′.
10′ by 10′.  10′ by 15′.  10′ by 20′.   10′ by 25′.
10′ by 30′.  8′ by 5′ by 8′

You need to consider whether what you are keeping is for the long term or you will be getting rid of them in the short term. If you are planning to let them loose, then you might not need as big of a storage unit as you thought. Keep only what is necessary. Document your items and measure them to know exactly the amount of space you will need.