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Engineering & Public Works

2014 Public Works Presentation

The Public Works Department

"The Public Works team of? professional technical and skilled staff is a very diverse and experienced group dedicated to providing essential services in support of the city and community. The Public Works team works hard at providing water, sewer, road maintenance and many other services to the citizens of Merritt."

The continual challenge for the Public Works Department will be to maintain levels of service on the available funding, along with increased customer service requests, inventory increases and keeping up to the growth of our city. Based on our track record, the City of Merritt Public Works Department and employees are up to these onoing challenges and are committed to delivering efficient and effective services for the City of Merritt and its citizens. The Public Works Department consists of an Approving Officer/Manager of Public Works, Public Works Superintend-ent, Development Technician, Cross Connection Control Officer, ten full time Public Works employees, one part time employee, seven Public Works seasonal employees and two summer students.

Our Chief Treatment Plant Operator position has been vacant since November 2010. We have tried to fill the Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator position throughout the year but with no success. We have made the decision to ramp up and continue inhouse training and expect that the City will have an operator in the Chief position within two years. Until a Chief Operator is in place, Darrell Finnigan will continue to directly oversee the daily operations. With such a small group all employees must be able to function in most capacities of the Public Works Department. Public Works Employees are continually upgrading in all aspects of the Public Works field to make sure they are current with new activities and municipal provincial and federal regulations.

Public Works Departments:

  • Fleet Maintenance Division- maintains and manages the City of Merritt's fleet and the Merritt Fire/Rescue Department fleet.
  • Utilities Division- maintains the underground water, storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure and performs the water meter reading and water meter maintenance func-tions for the City.
  • Roads Division- provides road, sign, sidewalk. lighting maintenance and any other above ground work.
  • Solid Waste Division- which includes commercial and residential garbage pick-ups and bin maintenance.
  • Parks Division- is charged with all maintenance re- quired for parks, play grounds and potted flowers.
  • Water Quality Division- is responsible to operate and maintain the City's water, chlorine systems, water stor-age reservoirs and water pump stations. The second part of? this department? is the wastewater quality area which maintains and operates the City of? Merritt's? activated sludge wastewater treatment facility and the sewage lift stations. This department ensures that the water you get at your tap is safe to drink and that your sanitary sewage is treated properly and returned to the environment safely and within all permitted levels.

    Development/Engineering Technician: Alec Macfarlane
    Telephone: (250) 378-8627
    E-mail: tech@ tỉ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyến


With programs like the curbside recycling program, the City of Merritt Public Works Department is working towards greener initiatives to offer Merritt's citizens. Please refer to the list of?Recyclable Items to see what is accepted in the curbside recycling program. ?We hope to reduce the amount of litter and waste materials within the City. Garbage Route Areas Map. Maintenance at the recreational facilities include the volleyball courts, tennis courts, ball diamonds, the rugby field, the Nicola Valley Aquatic Centre, Nicola Valley Memorial Arena and the Merritt Lawn Bowling Club. Monthly safety checks on our play- grounds and trails are performed by trained staff that inspect and correct any problems, damages or hazards. The general maintenance and operations at Pine Ridge Cemetery is also the responsibility of the Parks Department. This includes the digging, preparation, opening and closing of graves, interments, the installation of memorial tablets, monuments on the graves, mowing,and line trimming.

Learn More About Merritt's Drinking Water

Find answers to common water quality questions and other important facts about water conservation here in Merrittt. To find this information and more, click the attached report below.?

Click here to view the Complete Circle of Water Report for the City of Merritt.


Sasha J. Bird, AScT

Director of Engineering & Development
Main: 250-378-4224
Direct: (250) 378-8626

Charlie Henderson

Superintendent of Public Works
Main: (250) 378-4224 ext 501